Overview of The Emerging Investor Program

Young Professionals Looking to Kick Start Their Investment Future!

  • Automated investment management utilizing DWM’s investment strategies via the Schwab IIP Platform
  • Emerging Investor Financial Planning Assistance
    • Up to 2.5 hours initial financial assistance to get your plan in place
    • 2 annual meetings with your advisor
    • Financial assistance geared directly toward your needs:
      • Budgeting/cash flow
      • Debt Management
      • Asset Allocation including assistance with your employer based plan
      • Educational planning (for those of you with kids or planning to have them soon)
    • Access to our financial planning tools


  • Ages <25 = 60 basis points (.6%)
  • Ages 25-29 = 70 basis points (.7%)
  • Ages 30-34 = 80 basis points (.8%)
  • Ages 35-39 = 90 basis points (.9%)
  • Ages 40+ = 100 basis points (1%)

You can graduate to Total Wealth Management at any time once you eclipse $300k in wealth and will never be charged over 1%!

The best way to reach the level of a total wealth management client, is not by higher earning, but by stronger/earlier investing. See our Why Does It Matter Page by Clicking Here.

Or if you are a little unsure about the stock market, visit our page to help calm your nerves by Clicking Here