DWM Orion Client Portal

September 07, 2022

Hello DWM friends and clients! We have a fun blog for you today. Here at DWM, we pride ourselves in our firm services that range from investment management, estate planning, taxes, all the way down to other value-added services like account aggregation and financial tools. All great aspects of being a boutique wealth management firm that separate us from the big banks!

Orion Solutions is our portfolio reporting software we use to run reports, show asset classes, and link Schwab accounts and outside accounts for our clients. It is wonderful to have such a reliable software that aggregates various accounts and updates them every night. Orion has a wonderful tool called the Client Portal where clients can log in to see their market values, run reports and so much more! Let’s discuss the portal and what it has to offer…

How to login to Orion Client Portal

It’s easy! You can access your DWM Orion Client Portal by first heading to our website DWMGMT.com. On our home page, there is a bar on the top of the screen with page tabs. On the very right you will see the ‘Client Login’ button. 

Hover over the ‘Client Login’ button and a variety of options appear. Click ‘DWM/Orion All Account Access’ and it will take you to the DWM Orion Portal Login page. 



Once clients have gone through the Bootcamp onboarding process here at DWM, we send out a welcome email with Schwab and Orion login instructions, plus Orion credentials. For some of you, it has been a decade since we became a team! If you need help resetting your Orion username of password, please reach out to Penn, Parker or Chandler.

Please note that upon logging in, you will have to accept the Terms and Conditions as well as enable Two Factor Authentication with your phone number and email. Two factor authentication is a prudent method to keep your information as secure as possible.

What to do once logged in

The home page for the DWM Orion Client Portal is set up as a dashboard with graphs, market values, allocations and more! Please see the below example of what the dashboard shows. This is a screenshot taken from Orion’s website and does not hold any real client information… if only Frank Sinatra was actually our client!

On DWM’s Orion Portal for our clients, there is a vertical bar on the left side that has tabs to locate the 4 different portal pages.

The first icon, the newspaper, is a Newsfeed that shows recent updates like when a quarterly report is sent out from DWM.

The second icon is the Personal Finances page, which is also your dashboard and home page when logging in. This shows your household values, positions, performance, etc. You can even switch between accounts if you click ‘Managed Accounts’ and adjust the time frame in the right corner.

The third icon is the Reports tab, and a very popular one for our clients as you can run real time reports to view your accounts performance, holdings, transactions, etc.!

The fourth icon is one we really want to emphasize. The folder tab represents a secure Document Vault where we can upload documents for clients, and clients can upload documents to us. It is our own personal Dropbox! Each clients’ Document Vault will have a few folders like 1099’s and various statements, including your quarterly evaluation reports and invoices. 


In the top right, there are options to create a new folder and upload documents. If any documents are uploaded, it automatically emails the Advisor, either Les or Brett, and various members of the DWM team. Examples of documents that may be uploaded are wills, POAs, Trusts, real estate deeds, Schwab forms, and more! Click here to read about the security, safety and compliance regarding the Orion Document Vault. As you can see the Document Vault is secure and will catch the DWM team’s attention instantly if documents are shared back and forth!

Of course, the Sharefile links at the bottom of all DWM team members email signatures are also a great, secure way to send us documents.


We would love for all DWM clients to take advantage of the awesome Orion Client Portal! Please check it out and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, or any help logging in. We love being your Total Wealth Management Advisors!




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