Movin’ & Shakin’ at DWM these days: Farewell to Jenny & Hello Chandler & Cheryl!

June 03, 2021

Last month, our South Carolina location moved from downtown Charleston over the Cooper River Bridge to Mt. Pleasant. See our May DWM-South Carolina Moving blog for more details.

In other DWM news, super teammate, Jenny Coletti, will be retiring in the near future. Jenny, who’s been with DWM since Day 1, has done it all here, wearing more hats than Queen Elizabeth!  Every day, she brings an amazing energy level and gives so much thoughtfulness to everything that crosses her path. Our team has thoroughly appreciated someone that doesn’t just “plow through the work”, but takes her time and is proud of the works she does.

Here are some exiting thoughts from Jenny:

“Back in 1992, some 2 years before I started my journey with a Detterbeck-affiliated firm, an upbeat song with lots of harmonica overtones hit the U.S. airwaves as a top 40 hit. The song was “Life Is a Highway” written and performed by Tom Cochrane. I remember how much I enjoyed that song and would have daydreams of what my life would look like 20, 30 or 40 years down the road. Life Is a Highway!

Fast forward to the end of 1994 ,I was offered a job opportunity at Detterbeck, Johnson & Monsen, LTD., CPAs. A few years later, I changed positions and starting working at Detterbeck Wealth Management, right when Brett and Les founded it. I never thought working with the Detterbecks' and their teams would be my workplace home for over 26 years!

Last year, the pandemic caused many detours and changed pathways for most, if not all of us, in a small or big way. It certainly made many evaluate their lives. After discussing the many bumps in the road with my family, we decided with mixed feelings of sadness and excitement, that I would spend more time with them by retiring this summer. I am proud of the valuable assistance that I have provided over so many amazing years and the positive difference that I have made for many clients and my fellow teammates. The past will certainly be remembered with fondness and gratefulness. I look to the future with eagerness and will embrace a future shortcut, scenic route or fork in the road. The open road may be unknown right now, but it will always look like a sunny day when I look in the rearview mirror. By the way, that song can still be heard today with many new renditions by other artists, and it still brings back the same feeling as I wonder what the next 30 years will bring! I send best wishes to all of you on your future destinations!

While we will certainly miss Jenny and everything she does for DWM and its clients, we are so happy for her and her family! Look for special guest appearances by Jenny at future DWM events!

And while Jenny set a high bar for the amount of passion and attention to detail she puts into her work, fortunately, we have some new faces at DWM that strive to match that intensity. We’d like to introduce our two new full-time team members in our Chicagoland (Palatine) office: Cheryl Rabin & Chandler Peterson.


We introduced many of you to Chandler about a month ago as he was training part time while finishing up his undergraduate studies at Loyola. He has since graduated – congratulations, Chandler! – and now working full-time for DWM. Here’s what Chandler has to say about working here at DWM:

“DWM is the perfect convergence of my interest in the financial world and my passion to help others. I get to grow professionally while getting to see first-hand the real, positive benefits we provide to our clients. I couldn’t be more excited about finding a great team to work with!”

Here's more on Chandler:

Chandler joined DWM in 2021 after graduating from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a minor in Information Systems. Chandler loves biking in Chicago and watching soccer. While Minnesota United will always be his first team, he’s excited to get out to some Chicago Fire games especially now that they’re back in Soldier Field!


Cheryl comes to DWM with years of financial services experience in the client service area. From opening new accounts to processing RMDs to developing estate plan flows for clients, she’s a woman of many talents!

“Life is all about waiting for the right moment. Thinking about the last 14 months, it has been a real eye opener for all of us to see things in a different light.  In a time that has been so unpredictable, never did I think I could step out of the box, take a chance and find a company where my “puzzle” piece would fit exactly into place.  DWM feels like home.  I look forward to walking this new path, and use my prior experience to help me gain more knowledge in the wealth management field.”

Here's more on Cheryl:

Cheryl grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago. She has three daughters and loves when she can get them under one roof and enjoy the time together. She is a huge college football fan (Big 10 and SEC).  If U of Michigan plays U of Florida it is difficult to choose. March Madness is also one of her favorite times of the year.  She is a huge dog fan and loves to cook and bake.

Both Cheryl and Chandler are here to add value to our clients and the rest of the team every day! Please join us in welcoming them aboard!


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