Strategic Alliances

At DWM, we recognize the importance of aligning our business with top resources that help us deliver exceptional experiences for our clients.

Our major strategic partners currently are:

Money Guide Pro is our comprehensive financial planning software. It provides clients and other advisors 24/7 access to the plan. Money Guide Pro integrates with Orion and Junxure.

Detterbeck Wealth Management has selected Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. as primary custodian for our clients' accounts. Since 1987, Schwab has provided independent advisors with the platform , products, programs and resources they need to serve their clients and grow their businesses efficiently and effectively.*
Orion Advisor Services, LLC is our back office reporting service. They track account activity with our custodians and provide reports accessible to DWM and our clients 24/7 online and through smart phone mobile applications.
Our client relationship software, tracking all communications, actions and follow-ups.

Community Partners

DWM and its team members are proud to support and be associated with the following community partners.

*DWM does not receive any remuneration from any of its partners.”These materials have been independently produced by Detterbeck Wealth Management. Detterbeck Wealth Management is independent of, and has no affiliation with, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. or any of its affiliates (“Schwab”). Schwab is a registered broker-dealer and member SIPC. Schwab has not created, supplied, licensed, endorsed, or otherwise sanctioned these materials nor has Schwab independently verified any of the information in them. DWM provides you with investment advice, while Schwab maintains custody of your assets in a brokerage account and will effect transactions for your account on our instruction.”

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